Monday, 15 April 2013

Wet day in Gwydir Forrest 14th of April,2013

Another Sunday on the bike.. and after the Snow trauma of last weekend  we were keen to avoid any suggestion, hint or light dusting of snow as well as looking not to require any bike-hiking.

After looking carefully over the maps that I've downloaded through  Viewranger for the Coast to Coast trip I drew together a route for the day. Meeting Carwyn at the car park nearby the forest, we got started on our journey.. Before i go further.. I have to mention the fact that it was raining a lot on this ride.. and by a lot.. i mean on a biblical scale! But as the word training suggests.. we had to get on with it. 

Despite the incessant rain, we had a fairly good ride.. we passed a bridge that had seen better days.. as well as a sign located nearby from the bridge owner i assume.. who by the sounds of it.. is a little unhappy that no one's taken an interest in hir bridge...

The ride continued well.. with long climbs and lots more depressing rain. Somewhere above 'Ty Hull' near Capel Curig, Carwyns chain broke.. as you can see on the picture opposite. Back in the day.. this would've meant a phone call to a parent to come and fetch you.. But not so in these modern times. 

Luckily, Carwyn had while in the bike shop on Friday invested in some spare chain links... a wise investment indeed as they were put to good use, along with some elbow grease to put the chain back together again. Feeling supremely awesome at our trailside surgery skills and still soaked from the rain.. we soldiered on. 

The rest of the ride passed relatively un remarkably.. I wont spend too much time talking about the unhappy farmer who wasn't to pleased to see us not walking down a nearby footpath through his farm.. but we managed to talk our way out of the situation. 

By the end of the day..the rain stopped chucking it down, the clouds parted to reveal some nice views of the Conwy valley for us to admire. Here's a few pictures and details of the ride for you below :- 

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