Friday, 31 May 2013

Welsh Coast 2 Coast Cymru Day 4 :- Fords Aplenty

Starting off from Pontrhydfendigaid at 10am we headed towards the Abbey and  had some photos quickly before setting off

From here we headed up into the mountains and started climbing up a single track which ran parallel to a road used by logging trucks  so we were glad to avoid those. 

Weather was overcast and reminded us of 'Gorillas in the Mist'   Here's a view from the top

From the top if the climb, the tracks were amazing!!  Miles and miles of fast flowing track which was peppered by lake like puddles and interweaving crossings with the river 

Including one section where both river and road ran together

I even managed to fall in and got soaked on the last crossing

As the road and the river finally parted ways things continued to improve with the track continuing to descend quickly as we began the approach to Llyn Brianne which involved a lot of climbing. The views were amazing however. 

From the top of the viewpoint we headed down towards a big hill climb. Here's a picture of the hill climb looking back from the top

Continuing around the lake, we started up a logging road which mountain bikers were not supposed to ride along. Oops !

From here we started our approach to Llanwrtyd Wells down and along some tracks with horses and views

We even received a fly past by a Tornado  jet

Arriving in Llanwrtyd Wells we stopped for lunch and a short rest and started off for Brecon before the legs got too cold on the second half of the day. 

This half contained a section that we were a little concerned with, that was due to the fact that we were going through a military training ground.  Here's where we started

The tarmac on this road was superb, totally smooth & better than any other road we've been on. Passing a few soldiers here and there. Lots of landrovers and army trucks too. 

Carwyn impressivley charged ahead in this section and lead the way all across the training area. The rest of us had time to enjoy the view a bit. 

From Sennybridge we made our way down the valley towards Brecon. Views were still good too 

The road to Brecon seemed to go forever and after a while we eventually got there. 

Arriving in the B&B, we were impressed with how welcoming and accommodating out hosts were. the Bridge Cafe in Brecon is HIGHLY recommended ! 

Again. Thanks for reading. Remember to sponsor us on this  adventure by following this link  

Update on day 5 to follow ! 

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