Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Welsh Coast 2 Coast Cymru Day 2:- Bye Bye North Wales

The day started well. Looking out of the window provided a view of a dry and bright day. 

A fantastic spread and cooked breakfast at the Cross Foxes in Trawsfynydd set us up nicely for the day ahead. Here we are getting  ready :- 

Joe wanted us all to know that he had brand new white socks to wear today which were going to be filthy by the end of the day. 

As we started.. a long and steady climb lead us above the A470 towards Coed y Brenin. 

I caught Peter on a couple of times

The track linked to the fire roads in Coed y Brenin where we reached the visitor centre for cake. Mmmmm 
 We were also accosted by a  fat chaffinch who wanted most of our cake for itself. As you can see, it can barely support itself on its legs. 

We headed off on the Minotaur trial a blue route in Coed y Brenin. 

From Coed y Brenin we followed cycle path #8 all the way down to Dolgellau for lunch 

Following a quick lunch we headed off for  the first of two big hill climbs. My knee had been hurting all day which forced me to take it slower than I wanted :( there was a good view of Dolgellau on the way
Once we finally got to the top of the big climb arrived at the Cadair Idris valley. Following the cycle track we traversed the valley where we found a stark warning :- 
Eventually cutting  across the a487 and started the last big climb in earnest as we could see rain clouds approaching behind us. 

Half way up the big climb. The rain arrived. So time to quickly put on some waterproofs. 

After finally getting to the top the climb we headed down the valley. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too good for pictures. But I tried : 

From the bottom of the valley we followed the river for Corris :-

Rain was as incessant as yesterday but we knew we were close to the end.. so with a good pace we headed down to Machynlleth. 

Crossing the Dyfi over the footbridge marked our leaving North Wales and entering mid Wales and arrival at Machynlleth !!! 

So all in all, we're all agreed that today was better than yesterday. We've showered, eaten and looking forwards to long day to Pontrhydfendigaid tomorrow :) 

Here's a link to our track for today :- 

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  1. I'm glad to see Pete is enjoying it. I hope the rest of you feel (and look) less miserable tomorrow.

    Not long until tea and medals now.

  2. Well done gang, keep up the good work :D
    Hope you've taken some deep heat or something for rubbing into tired muscles before bed - it really does help!
    Loved the grim sign above - just in case you were considering ignoring the request, they guilt trip you with the image of small trampled children. Dear me, what has the world come to?


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